The following essays are presented to give the reader an impression of the diversity of the annual contents and the value of the British literary annuals Index in forming a more accurate historical perspective of the period 1823-1861.  This Index may be found at An overview discussion of  British literary annuals and Giftbooks may be found at

     The first essay in this selection uses both poems and prose examples that were used to depict a rationale to support abolition of slavery.  The second discusses Orientalism and provides early nineteenth-century English impressions of the overseas British Empire.  The third is a brief look at what passed as humor at that time.  The fourth discusses the poetry located with the Index that was written by a young John Ruskin in the annuals. The fifth discusses discusses the contribution of British writers and poets in relation to American authors in American annuals.

1.  Images of Slavery in the British Literary Annuals

2.  Orientalism in British Literary Annuals

3.  Hood's Comic Annual, Early to Last an Exemplar of its Genre

4.  John Ruskin's Poetry in the Annuals

5.  Authorship in American Literary Annuals
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